Special Announcement From Bane

A special message from Bane.

Listen first then read this as it actually matters this time.

There is another option here. I have ‘rigged’ my donation button & I may be able to save all our dignity in this hideous hostage situation. If you can afford it & want to donate it would be greatly appreciated & reinvested in the shows so they get better for you. It doesn’t have to be a lot $2, $5 whatever. Once, twice a year, monthly (see I’m still funny even now)!

But I also have another option! I live near SF not more than a mile from the Pacific Ocean. Basically, Frisco is a liberal joint & I can get away with quite a bit in the way of ‘stunts’. Meaning, if you & I agree on a stunt & a price I will do it as soon as possible after payment has been received (& cleared) for an agreed upon stunt that is not ILLEGAL. Space has been provided to detail your stunt along with your donation so i know it has been paid, make sure to use it if we agree upon something!

If you feel making an ass of me is good value for your entertainment dollar so be it, but know I work alone. Video will almost always be first person crappy handheld coverage! So plan your stunts accordingly. If its something that requires video I have YouTube to publish that fun for you. This could even be wanting me to try & write jokes on a specific topic of your choosing, whatever! Do a simulcast video of an episode dressed as a woman? No problem, I just don’t know where to get a dress my size. Want me to shave my beard? You don’t have enough in your account! Remember we’ll agree on stunt for donation prices so don’t think you can just send one in with a stunt & bitch. I have to agree beforehand.

So what do you think?  I really appreciate all the response  & look forward to keeping you entertained. This show has more than doubled in downloads in the last two months. As of today (Aug 15) we have already served up more show downloads than any month previous, I’m honestly blown away by the response. I can’t thank you enough I just want to keep bringing you the funny while holding the crazy at bay. But if last month was my best month & I’m already beating that I need to take care of my bandwidth provider, who has been really gracious in letting me expand with this burst of growth without additional charges. I just don’t like to take advantage of people’s kindness, so I’m turning to you, the people I’ve been entertaining…. for free…. for 9 months…. even longer in some cases.

I’ll keep doing it either way but without some listener or ad support there will have to be some changes. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep this in the freeware/donations arena & keep it fun.

The donate buttons is located at the Don’t Quit Your Daycast website.




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