Ep.27 Snot the Wanderer

Still getting to you before 11:59pm Pacific Time it’s official!

Hope you all had a great week, this week we’ve got some great stuff as usual. #AsshatOfTheWeek and a new #HeyEd segment which got quite a few good questions this month so thanks to you listeners for that! Keep playing and sending in those e-mails!

Also we’ve got a new #FlixPix for you this month which is a really great movie and actually has a friend of the show in the film! Be sure to listen, it could be you…if you were in a film…or if you were filmed without your knowledge but that’s kind of creepy.

Lastly, be sure to listen to the end of the show for some Easter Eggs and an Exclusive Announcement you’ll be hearing here first regarding the upcoming #HashTagComedyShow from TOCpod.com!!!

Below are the links to the sites I told you about during the show this week:

video of Snot the Wanderer begging pitifully.

Sperm Cookbook




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