Ep.29 #HeyEd Are You Dead or Why Roseanne Barr Hates Me

After a  brief hiatus of self loathing I’m back! Which is great because there are plenty of other people out there who can loathe me like Roseanne Barr who’s blocked me on Twitter! But you’ll hear about that as you listen to this show.

We’ve got a guest, Tom Bevis (@BarrelhouseRed on Twitter) host of Destination: Asphyxiation Skypes in for a nice little talk about why I’ve been away, comic books, movies and anything else that crossed our minds during the time we were on Skype together.

We’ve also got new #ComplimentSandwiches (could it be you?), #HeyEd and #AsshatOfTheWeek.

Welcome back Mr. Kotter.



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