Ep.33 Don’t Quit Your Asphyxiation Pt.1

This weeks show is part of a Two Part Series to be completed with an Episode entitled ‘Destination: Daycast Pt.2′ to be aired by Destination: Asphyxiation Podcast on or about December 7th, 2012 (if you buy into the whole Gregorian Calender “system”).

We’ve got Tom Bevis (@BarrelhouseRed) & Taylor Ripley of TurkReno (@TurkReno, @TurkRenoRadio) on this week. I wanted to get as much great use out of those good microphones Tom brought up for the visit.

I’d also like to thank The Dhead Factor for Episode #61, by doing a tribute show to DQYD your team has displayed remarkable taste for citizens of an island nation.  Seriously though, that was extremely kind of them & amusing as well so I’d check it out if you want to hear some deep investigatory journalism regarding ‘Ed Wallick’ & auto tuned Vagina Monologues.

This weeks show was a fun little talk about all kinds of things: Wine, Manatee’s, Circus Folk, Cable Companies, Exploding Strip Clubs, Cigars, The Cloud & possibly some profanity every now & again.

Next week will be the 1 year Anniversary of DQYD, the first show was published on December 7th, 2011.  I just wanted to say thank you very much to those of you that are enjoying & listening to the show.  I appreciate your interaction with us/me via Twitter & all other various forms of social media, hopefully the show & I will both continue to get better in the coming year.  Thanks, really.





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