Ep.34 The Anniversary Show Pt.1

December 7th marked the 1 year anniversary of DQYD so we’ve got a couple shows with some guests in the basement as well as via Skype this week.

Tom Bevis (@BarrelhouseRed) of Destination: Asphyxiation is with us along with Taylor Ripley (@TurkReno) from TurkReno.com and Jabs (@TheDheadFactor) from The Dhead Factor. We’ve got a lot of gaming talk, Taylor unveils the #DQYD discount code (15% off for the life of your account ain’t scratch folks!), Tom starts to get drunk (the exciting conclusion will come in Ep.35), Jabs answers Ep.33’s unanswered Clint Eastwood movie title question, Tom schemes to get Ed to do a new podcasting venture meaning a Ed & Tom show (hey, he also just sent me a new Mic & a mixer…this is a “scheme” isn’t it!!) & #FlixPix is clarified in the event of any confusion…

Part 2 will be coming out on Friday December 14th, 2012.



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