Ep.37 Nasty Vacation Notes

Well the trip to Seattle was a success in that we all survived it but it wasn’t as fun as last year.  So we all decided, next year Hawaii!

Till then we’ve got a show, this week we’ve got an official Asshat Of the Week for you and some nice stuff about travelling & my personal feelings about my triumphant welcoming return to podcasting after a 2 month hiatus then two shows & two weeks and the response which is verifiable & trackable based on the fact that this is a computer medium… COME ON PEOPLE! So we’ve got some Compliment Sandwiches to those who’ve seemed to notice!

This week we have guest Chris Lanuti from The Broadcast Basement, Chris is a former DJ & current 911 operator so it’s nice to know Howard Stern will have a future after he’s done at Sirius. However, in the meantime we’ve got Chris & his show now on iTunes, Stitcher Radio & RSS from his site so choose your poison & check them out. It’s a fun show & at 30 minutes per episode pretty perfect for the shorter drives to and from work & so forth.

Thanks for sticking with us & to all the folk who listened & downloaded this week folks. Remember you can click that t-shirt on the right over there to get to the store & buy some gear! Help spread the word about DQYD without having to say a word.





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