Send a letter of support telling Showtime to bring Green Room back next season, this year was their first year and it is great.  Please e-mail a letter to:

For example here is my letter with the ‘relevant’ contact information deleted, my apologies to Annie Wilkes.

Of course feel free to change up the part about being a Systems Engineer/Stand Up I understand that parts kind of  “specific”.


Dear Corporate Bean Counters,

Please continue this series Greenroom on Showtime, in fact give them more episodes per season please!  Such a great and interesting show. I’m a subscriber and this is great, now if you can just get better writing on Weeds, which has just gotten stupid last season, I’ll be pleased with most everything about your network.

As a professional Systems Engineer and stand up, I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed this show and it’s format.  Starting in entertainment later in life as Jonathan Winters it was great to see him again in such a freeing format to open up.

Thanks again to Paul Provenza and everyone involved with the show from the production group all the way down to the Showtime Executives.

Ed Wallick

Deadpan Drollery

–end of line–

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A friend of mine told me she’s going to Chicago in September on a ‘girls trip’ and asked what to do while she was there…

I told her since she was going to be there on 9/11 to be sure to see the movie  ‘Philadelphia’…

it’s so much more relevant when you see it there…

What, too soon? Let me ask, for which one Aids, 9/11 or the musical Chicago?

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Clifford Stoll was an internet pundit back in the mid 90’s. I saw him give a lecture when I was in college for Computer Science at Cameron University in OK, where education is blowin’ cross the plains (sorry I broke out into the musical Oklahoma for a second there)…

ANYWAY, Cliff said the internet would never work because we’re all basically “people who need people” (are the luckiest people… maybe I shouldn’t have fallen asleep to ‘Westside Story’…). He had a book out at the time which is referenced above when you click the link attached to his name.

A friend and I were talking about it recently so this is for you Paul, where are they now?  Blowing useless glass objects and selling them on the internet!

Not everyone with wacky hair can be a Nostradamus.

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Mel Gibson and Dave Chappelle have been spending so much time together their crazy has synced up like two girls menses…

Who knew,…  I guess Catholics and Muslims CAN work together…   I mean it’s to hate Jews, other blacks, airline pilots and in flight lavatories but it’s a start…

Be sure to look over here citizenry, there is nothing to see under the Gulf over there…  Tap your oily slippers together and you’ll be right home…

Thank you TMZ for covering the crucial issues and bringing them to the forefront of public awareness…

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May I have the envelope please… (drum-roll) AND THE AWARDS GO TO: daily pie, Miscellaneous IT Pimpery, and The Miserable Bastard.

This much coveted award is for bloggers who have a sense of humor and are smarter than a and not too chicken to say what they think.

1. Proudly display the award on your blog with a link back to Honjii and a link back Deadpan Drollery, along with his/her name, who chose to award your blog.

2. Bestow this award, along with the rules, on a minimum of three blogs.

3. Contact the bloggers you’ve chosen and let them know of their incredibly life-altering good news.

4. Swear on your first born, or whatever you hold dear, never to mention these blogging awards are created by other self-serving bloggers trying to get more traffic altruistic bloggers who wish nothing more than to acknowledge a blog well done.

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I’m kind of sick of the Oil Spill, it’s only been a month and we’ve all been raging at BP the whole time…

Is anyone else starting to feel like the mean girls in ‘Carrie’, throwing tampons at a cowering BP in the corner, screaming Plug it UP, Plug it UP!!!

Obama is like the gym coach, protecting BP from the crowd…

Halliburton is the psycho uber religious Mommy, locking BP in the closet to pray for 18 hours at a stretch…

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