Bam! Would you look at that, Ep. 9 delivered on the day it was promised… Well it’s not past 11:59pm here in the Pacific Time Zone.

As promised the Arguments thing I started working on recently which for some reason led me into the whole mess in Afghanistan with the killings & the blaming & the it’s always the other sides fault…  We need to break up Afghanistan, unlike my marriage which is filled with reasons to resolve arguments I see no reason to continue this relationship… We’ll go our separate ways, the US will move on into the 21st and 22nd Centuries, you go back to the Dark Ages…  Don’t call us about anymore plagues.

#AsshatOfTheWeek- Well it’s in the episode you have to listen to find out who it is…

Solar flares bombarded the Earth recently so I have an assignment for my European listeners.

#ThisWeekInMemes: VeryShortLoveStory & AwkwardPubNames are featured.

Looks like employers are flexing their muscles during a time of economic distress to make a point of showing you just what a little slave bitch you actually are to them by asking for prospective employees Facebook login and password information during job interviews here in the US.  Certain to be a shock to many is the fact that Facebook themselves have actually stepped up to DEFEND your rights to privacy (there couldn’t possibly be a reason for that could there?).

And last but not least a format addition.  From now on we will be referring to “Shout Outs” as #ComplimentSandwiches.  It’s sort of a thematic type thing, listen in & I explain it all in that adorable round about way you’ve all become accustomed to at this point.




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Ep. 6 ‘Superblown’

My apologies for a 2 day delay, we’re going to try and get these to you on Wednesday’s most weeks. But BONUS the show seems to be growing a bit as this week we’re giving you 21 minutes of free brain noise! Now do something constructive with it, like passing it along to your like minded friends and family,… perhaps a Hobo or two they love digital content.

This week we’ve got a little Superbowl, a little movie advertising, some politics, some more politics, #AsshatOfTheWeek (bonus this week you get TWO for your troubles), Government exemptions, Facebook whiners, Tuba thefts and a little bit about the Office Depot shopping “experience” to boot.


Have a great week & #DreamFunny.




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Hey folks, thanks for coming back to us for Episode 5 ‘The O in GOP stands for Offal’.

What with the GOP primary still raging in the US it’s been in the papers, the papers quite a bit so I’ve got a bit for you about that to start this week.

Then I’ve got a new segment for you named #ThisWeekInMemes,  basically (for me) Twitter MEME’s are a writing exercise if I like the premise & I’m doing it right these are basically just for giggles so I thought some of you might enjoy them too.

Last but least we’d like to thank our Asshat of the Week: Ms. Demi Moore

Oh & here’s that link to the story about the 35lbs of cocaine found at the UN.




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Welcome to 2012 & Episode 3 of Don’t Quit Your Daycast.

First let me just say this episode starts with a screw up, I recorded it today (Friday January 6th, 2012) yet I inexplicably state in my opening that it is Friday 1/1/2012.  Unless I recorded it in a parallel DC or Marvel Universe there is no way this could have happened.

After taking two weeks off I think I need to slow down a bit when I speak after listening to this, there’s no one here rushing me & I don’t do cocaine so there is just no excuse.  Sorry I rushed today and sound like Brenda VIcarro having an asthma attack.

New Episodes will be coming weekly if not sooner.  Thanks for sticking with us.



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Ep. 2 ‘Extreme Paincast’

Don't Quit Your Day CastWelcome to Ep. 2 of Don’t Quit Your Daycast.

I’m dealing with a little root canal infection this week yet I’m still bringing you the funny through the pain.

Of course even though I’m in pain I can’t help but still complain about this week’s ‘Asshat’s of the Week’ Jerry Sandusky and Herman Cain.  I’m gonna miss you Herman, unlike the line cooks at Godfather’s Pizza I’m sure.

Hope your all having a great week & remember to #DreamFunny




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There are now 7 billion people on this planet, yet even with those odds I can’t find a undocumented maid that won’t drink my liquor.

I mean come on 7 billion people… More alien abductions & sightings than any time in our recorded history…. I’d advise you all to stock up on ammo we’re ripe for the harvest….  That’s why we’re getting plumper as a species,.. like cattle going to market.

If it weren’t for Catholicism’s ‘out breed em all’ policy there wouldn’t be 7 billion people & Puss in Boots wouldn’t have been # 1 in the box office the week it premiered.

My problem with Catholic people isn’t that I think I’m smarter than them, I know I am…  The problem is they breed & put helmets on their children.

There are 7 billion people on this planet but if your gay in America they don’t want you to get married because it ‘threatens the species’…  Really?

If your gay you can’t get married because it threatens the ‘sanctity’ of marriage,..  but Thank god Kim Kardashian was able to get married AND have her divorce within 72 days so the current season didn’t have to end with a cliff hanger…

Kim Kardashian’s marriage really recalls those great Hollywood relationships of old doesn’t it?… I mean who’s not thinking Hepburn & Tracy right now, so romantic!!

Titanic was longer, both the film & the actual sinking of the ship…  Which was, unlike her marriage breaking up, an actual, verifiable, real and tragic event.

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