Ep. 4 ‘The Undeleted’

Well hello there, all is well in Ed’s head as I hope it is in yours.

Welcome to Episode 4 ‘The Undeleted’, part of the delay in getting Episode 4 out has been learning to use a new App for recording and editing.  Which was fun as I recorded Episode 4 about 5 (maybe 6) times and that’s not even counting the test recordings that I did whilst goofing around and learning to use the App.  In the course of said 5 (maybe 6) recordings I accidentally deleted 4 (maybe 5) while I was trying to ‘edit’ as it were.  So hopefully you’ll all enjoy Episode 4 which was actually recording 6 (maybe 7).

There’s a little ranting about Romney due to his tax data released earlier today as well as some bile reserved for Gingrich.  You’ve fallen so far since Lincoln GOP, so very very far.

Asshat of the Week:  Robert Lyons, we thank you.

And in other news coverage today we discuss an Ohio father accused of taping up his daughter then locking her in a cage & a moronic Florida teen that reported her mother for child abuse.




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