Ep. 11 ‘Dos Stooges’

Happy Friday the 13th, hope your not superstitious or any of that piffle.

This weeks show starts right off with #AsshatOfTheWeek, our contender came in right under the wire this morning.  That’s right this guy pissed me off at 7am today & he’s lucky there was a guest in the studio this week or he would have gotten far worse.

As mentioned I have a guest and we have a philosophical discussion regarding the ramifications of bringing ‘The Three Stooges‘ into the 21st Century! It’s very stimulating and I can’t believe we were able to book this guy as a guest for you this week.  So exclusive.

And this weeks show closes off with some quick #ComplimentSandwiches. which if you don’t get it well sorry go back a few shows & you’ll catch up.

There is a reason this weeks episode is a little bit shorter which is prompting me to make the following open statement: A quick word of warning to the makers of Garageband, your coming very close to being named an Asshat of the Week, I recorded the entire episode once today and was into the closing segment (Compliment Sandwiches) when the app just shut down & deleted the entire file. Forcing me & my illustrious guest to re-record the entire episode  Do it again, I dare you… Fix your App.





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