Ep.36 Visiting With My Personal Jesus

This week we’re back to the new format.

Which is basically:

1- me ranting up front about some stuff

2-then an Asshat of the Week segment

3-a sketch or something akin to that, this week it’s a very special announcement from Pope Benedict the Whatever, we just call him Da Pope.

4-Then we’ve got this weeks guest who some of you may have heard of if you ever read the article I wrote as the National Affairs Desk Editor over at Destination:Asphyxiation called ‘Let’s Talk About The Savage Land and Savage Times.’ He’s Steve G, my own personal ‘Jesus’, read the article it will make more sense.


Basically that’s the new format: Rants, Asshats, a Sketch & then a guest (provided they continue to come of course).


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Have a great week & remember to #DreamFunny




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