Ep.38 Pirates, Poop Sand and Stolen Indignation

This weeks notes are brief as we’re getting ready for a party here in San Francisco this weekend.

Got a good little rant for the first half of the show this week with a couple topics and an Asshat of the Week thrown in for a kicker!

Plus we’ve got some great guest this week, Tom and Alba are world travelers & the congenial & happy hosts of ‘The Brit & The American’ which is a really fun little travel/couples/comedy podcast that is a fun way to find out about the world if you can’t go there yourself at the moment.  I got to talk with them via Skype last week while they had the benefit of a room with a toilet and high speed internet access!  Please excuse the levels on this interview, I am still learning to use my new set up effectively & I had their sound turned down too low but I believe I was able to digitally bring them up so you can hear them a little better.

For pictures of things discussed this week follow Ed on Twitter he posted pictures of the San Francisco Butt Pirate boat there as well as the nice lady with the information & many, many other things.

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