Ep.39 Dragging Innocent United Arabs Into This…

Hey folk, it’s Tiny Odd Conversations Day today so as it’s a special day we’ve got special show art for the week, but you’ll probably only be able to see it if you download & listen to the show with iTunes.  But hey you can still get us via Stitcher Radio or RSS from our site as well you just won’t get the Tiny Odd Special Episode Cover Art.

This show is resplendent in all that is Ed, it’s probably the gassiest show we’ve done yet & it has nothing to do with the only guest being from an oil producing country.  We got our first live call in ever from a human being that is not a podcaster (or even a listener actually) via Google+ from a gentleman named Abdulla, check it out it borders on parody but it’s my reality.

-Asshat Of the Week

-Compliment Sandwiches

-Discussion on the correct pouring of a Guinness

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