Ep.45 Hello NSA, Can You Hear Me Now?

This week we return with general humor, rants and rage directed at the NSA, Asiana Airlines inability to negotiate a runway, Chinese hackers, Edward Snowden’s job description and the properties of Pope sperm.

We also have a detailed explanation of exactly how the US Government will be taking out Edward Snowden in transit at some point or another to make sure he never testifies.

We also have a guest! Mr. Aaron Peterson one quarter of the hosts from The Hollywood Outsider an excellent movie podcast.

See you next week and #DreamFunny



2 thoughts on “Ep.45 Hello NSA, Can You Hear Me Now?

  1. The NSA doesn’t need to “take out” Snowden if they capture him. They’ll just pull a “Bradley Manning” on him, claiming his testimony is inadmissible die to national security.

    That doesn’t mean they won’t take him out. After, he’s pissed them off for embarrassing them.

    Read my article

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