Ep.48 GTA V Review and Various Geekery

My apologies for the 1 day delay folks. We’ve dealt with illness (spouse), production issues, gaming, flight schedules, gaming, Dr’s appointments, gaming, school schedules, gaming & an airport run. But we’re here now for you so relax ok?

This weeks guest is Bonn of The Bonn and Obo Show fame as well as the Strange Times Podcast. Being as we’re both fond of the digital ultra violence and GTA V we thought we’d just do a good old review show as the game has been out for a week now.  So check it out, remember to listen for our Play Station Network Gaming ID’s so you can send us friend requests and/or join our Crew (DQYD Demagogues) for GTA Online which opens up October 1st. That’s right, we’ve barely cracked the playable surface of this game folks.

We’ve also got some Compliment Sandwiches.

Thanks to all the listeners on Stitcher Radio this week (and every week actually) who put DQYD into the #1 spot on the Stitcher Top Movers List! It’s really rewarding to me knowing that you’re all out there listening via Stitcher as well as iTunes, Windows Marketplace and signing up at our home site & subscribing to the show directly.  It would be great if we could start to see some listener participation so send in pics of yourself in DQYD shirts or using our gear, remember we have pet shirts too if your dog or cat are more of an attention whore than the human in their life!




One thought on “Ep.48 GTA V Review and Various Geekery

  1. , thank you so much for posting this! Grand Theft Auto 5 looks Extraordinary! Is everyone going to wait to play online until after you complete the story? Or are you just going to rip into it and not even bother?

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