Ep.56 Road Trip From Reality

Welcome back to Season 3, as we’ve begun calling it round these parts, of DQYD!  Thanks for coming back &/or by for the first time! I hope you enjoy the show there’s a lot of stuff being thrown at you this week being the first week back so I hope you’ve all been reading your primers & preparing for the new year.

So there’s a little joking, some Robin Williams talk & then some News and some reports from the world of Social Media. Also the seasons first Asshat of the Week was found via Facebook so lets all thank that kid from Zombieland for creating it.

Without further adieu go forth, download & #DreamFunny.

Love Ya All & Thanks for welcoming me into your skull -Ed.


One thought on “Ep.56 Road Trip From Reality

  1. Ah… DQYD… A welcome blast of fresh air in a rather stagnant pool of podcasts. Light one up for me Ed my good man x

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