I’d prefer you laugh AT me……no really!

Well, by way of introduction I suppose I should first “explain myself” (as my mother used to say,… right before she told me to go get something she could beat me with).

This blog is really something I’m going to be using as a tool for my comedy bits and other writing I’m beginning to consider doing on a permanent basis.  It’s a testing ground for me to see what (if any) kind of response I get to what I’ve written (so feel free to comment I actually value your input) before I use it onstage.  It’s also a way for me to prove when I actually came up with a joke.  Comedians can be real dicks if they think your ‘stealing’ material and with this site I can just say, “Look at my site I didn’t steal your joke, your just not as original as you thought.” I may punctuate that last sentence with an “ASSHOLE”, “DICKHEAD”, or “BITCH” depending on how and who is accusing me of stealing their material.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I love what I do for a living right now (I’m a Systems Engineer mostly specializing in large corporate desktop/laptop equipment upgrades, mass user integration, home/small business equipment and network assistance , as well as, corporate desktop support via contracts but also through my own company: Actual Network Solutions, if you actually care about it) and I’m good at it too, but my situation has changed recently in ways I could never have imagined 10 years ago.  These changes are all for the better of course which has allowed me the luxury of working from home for the most part.  Plus, I gotta admit, it helps that I have a spouse that’s a really kick ass chick.  We’ve been together for 18 plus years (so you know there’s a ton of material there) and even she suggested I try and do this when our situation became what it currently is.

I tend to get animated when I tell a story and people have told me for years, “You should be a comedian”.   So with the recent changes I’ve decided to give it a whirl. I also tend to go for the sarcastic a great deal as well, as you can imagine my tone of voice is sometimes required in order to get a certain joke.  So if you read something that you don’t get make sure you try and come see me do it live so you can make sure it’s not something your missing due to my inflection.

I live in the San Francisco Bay area so you may get to see me try all this live at one of the local clubs sometime.  In the future when (and if) I get to the point that I’m booking gigs I’ll of course let you know when and where here.

So, I hope you all laugh and enjoy the ride!

One thought on “I’d prefer you laugh AT me……no really!

  1. A better list would have been comedians you dont like 😉

    I respect that you have Leary and Hicks on the same list, that is almost considered Heresy in the comedy world. So I am not the only one.

    Well, I’ve never been ‘known’ for staying in the line…. Yeah all the people on that list had at least a run of a couple years where I enjoyed their stand up… That’s why some of them have little comments after they ‘changed’ career path’s… Leary had his great rants when he first started out then after 2 years he ‘toned down’ and got all PC… I guess it sucks when you want to ‘mainstream’ but your edgy…

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