Look into the Eyes of the Dragon

This one is more of a rant–

What is one to do when you’ve gazed into the eyes of the beast and he’s to stupid to realize he’s the beast? Bush is as big an ideological rapist as Nixon ever was, it’s somewhat fitting that Hunter S. Thompson blew his brains out during the formers reign. I guess he realized this monster we call American politics is the mythical immortal dragon of which the ancients spoke.

We’re in the same situation today as in Nixon’s:

Politicians in the pockets of big businesses, who know how to return a favor: ”Sure you can just add whatever equipment you want to our switches here at AT&T, can I get my knee pads before I blow you? (paraphrased statement of a fictional AT&T executive speaking on his Razor phone to a nameless NSA representative sometime in early 2000, yeah I think they were doing it before 9/11… duh).”

Fighting in a useless and wasteful war that is killing off the youth from the lower economic echelons of our country, (which I’m certain is some type of poorly conceived retroactive abortion program the Republican party has been planning for years, in the end it helps their political base if the poor never age enough to begin voting), as well as several others around the world.

Drugs and drug use are running rampant……well ok this one isn’t really so bad, I mean it’s a buyers market right? Sincerely, you can really freely buy in the streets, most of the time without the fear of violence as long as you don’t get stupid. And I gotta say most street dealers are really the sweetest nicest people you’d ever want to meet and like strippers many of them seem to be going to college, so let’s hear it for putting their macroeconomics classes to good use. Actually if you think about it, it’s like they have their own scholarship program and it’s better than the GI Bill cause no one’s shooting at you…….well at least not with Tanks or .50 caliber weapons, though Oakland is getting rougher lately.

My point is this, where are the angry youth of today? What’s going on with the protests? They don’t exist. Why you may ask? Video games, that’s right I said it, video games. Well ok not really just video games, it’s the general way we’ve as a nation created a generation of pampered, lazy, pussyfied youth (to re-use a phrase I heard in a shop somewhere). I had no helmets as a child, we thinned the herd back then, if you were not smart enough to NOT land on your head good riddance. Think of all the future insurance bills saved by the death of one stupid child, I mean the insurance industry should be lobbying AGAINST helmets don’t you think?

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