Rising from the Ashes


There have been many people over the years who thought they’d “taken care of me”.

I’m a pacifist, but the worst thing you can do is attack me. I don’t start shit I end it, I won’t just be beaten I defend myself. Being a pacifist doesn’t mean you’re weak or afraid as some people like to think.

There is some dialogue I heard recently from ‘John Wick’ of all places which sums me up pretty nicely.

“…is a man of focus. Commitment. Sheer will. Something you know very little about.”

Several friends of mine over the years have seen me do things like I’m doing now, regarding my weight & restoring my life to my own. I love those people & would normally tag them here but I don’t want to embarrass them or pull them into a public post (if they feel like it they can always comment) & they’ve stuck with me for 25+ years. Others for less but they mean just as much to me as well.

It’s shocking to some to see me come out of these funks, admittedly I allowed the actions of others to keep me down for far too long, usually they were only of about 6mos. in duration. I thought I was doing the best thing for my sons but realize I should have broken that pattern far sooner.

This metamorphosis is amazing to many but it is something anyone can do, the reason I can do it is because I know. I’ve done it before & want to do it again for the last time. You have the will, just engage your mind. Push yourself further every day, do your own “2 extra for the boys” of everything.

I apologize to all of you for letting myself go for so long. It will never happen again I assure you.

DQYD will be returning soon!

-Love Ed.


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